It's the little things we don't want to forget- the size of their hand in yours, the bottom teeth, the chin drool and army crawl. Photography is the ultimate tool to freeze those moments that go by too quickly. We're honored to tell your family's story. 

Our approach is a little different. It's less about smiling at the camera and more about stepping back to let you be you. It's about watching for the in-between moments that tug at your heart strings and inviting the imperfections into the frame. Family is everything and these photographs are an artful snapshot of your moments together in time. 

Pausing the fleeting moments of
raising babies

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Less posing, more observing. We capture the fleeting moments- the way your kid grips your hand as their protector, the sunlight hitting your baby's face, the smile your oldest gives to your youngest when they're about to do something silly, the missing teeth, the dirt stains, the glances you and your partner share. 

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Your story, your details. We take the time to pick a shoot location that helps you be your true selves and highlights the elements of your story. We might be in your home, at your favorite beach, or on grandma's front lawn. It's about unwinding together, letting go of the idea of perfection, and taking time to just be- as you are. 


a gentle,         
approach to your story

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We'll use the time to capture artful imagery by focusing on your beautiful wild chaos. It's not about perfect posing but celebrating the fleeting moments in-between. We'll talk about what location best tells your story. Whether it's your home, nursery, the play room, a golden field at sunset, or our own cozy studio space, we'll pick a place that let's you and your littles be your true selves. 

1 hour session in home, on location, or in studio
Starting at $550

Family Sessions

Capturing you in your motherhood era, and
remembering the way your body grew to accomodate the creation of human life. What a magical thing. 

1 hour sessions for mamas-to-be
starting at $550

Maternity Sessions

Capturing you in the newness of parenthood and the magical life you've brought into the world. We'll photograph you interacting with your newborn, the way they hold your finger or look up into your eyes. The rolls, the giggles, the yawns. Let's slow down and freeze this space and time. 

1-2 Hour sessions in-home or in-studio
starting at $650

Newborn Lifestyle Sessions

This is a super normal feeling- none of us were born models. Our work isn't really for models anyways. It's more about letting go the idea of being perfect, relaxing into the moment with your loved ones and connecting. We'll guide you with some prompts or play ideas that get you comfortable, and we'll jump in with gentle guidance if things feel strange. 

But what if i'm awkward in photos? 

This is a big part of the storytelling and we want to pick a location that helps you be your true selves. Sometimes the best place is in your own kitchen or backyard. Sometimes it's at a beautiful beach or park at sunset. When you inquire, we'll talk about the potential places to use as our backdrop. 

Where can we do the shoot?

When you book your session with us, we'll send you our family session guide which is full of tips/tricks for the shoot, including pointers on outfit choices. Confidence and comfort are key to looking your best. 

What do we wear? 

Our style of photography requires letting a family relax and learn to trust the camera, which takes time. Therefore, we don't typically do mini sessions. However, if we open up a studio time for mini sessions, we'll announce it in our Instagram stories, so be sure to follow us @magicarrowphotography

Do you do mini sessions?

Your photos will be delivered in an online gallery that has a print shop built-in. It's super easy to drag and drop your favorite photos into frames, albums, holiday cards, etc, all from the gallery platform. We also grant you print rights, so you can print anywhere else that you'd like. 

Do you offer prints of albums

We love shooting in all types of weather, but downpours will definitely move us indoors. We can talk about taking the shoot into our studio, or postpotning to a different date. 

What if it rains on our shoot day?

editorial feel

documentary approach

intentional imagery

documenting the effortless, everyday magic.

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