What’s an adventure session? Taking your photos to the next level

Ever thought about booking an adventure session, but not sure what it involves and where to begin? Well, you’ve landed in the right place, friends.


First off- what makes a shoot an adventure session? Every photographer will have their own ideas around this for their specific business, but for us at Magic Arrow Photography, an adventure session is when we meet our clients at a location that involves, you guessed it- a little adventuring and exploring. Usually, these shoots are at state or national parks, mountain ranges or other locations that require a little bit of outdoorsy activity to get to the photo destination of choice.


Ever gone on a hike only to arrive at the most beautiful peak and thought, “I would really love it if we could have a photo to remember this moment” (maybe something other than a phone selfie)? That’d be the perfect type of activity for an adventure session shoot. When you book this type of session with us, we join you on your day of fun and we spend time capturing candid photography together.

Typically, these sessions are longer than your average engagement shoot because of the activities and travel involved. They involve a little more planning than your average photo session- usually timing sunset perfectly, high tide charts, weather patterns, etc.


The best part? We help you with all the planning. If you have an idea, we’ll help plan the where, when and how details with you so you can focus on getting ready to have the most fun possible.


The photos here are from our time in the PNW. We met up with this couple at this waterfall location and spent the afternoon hiking around and taking photos. We travel all the time for these shoots and we love finding new places to explore together.

Here are some adventure session ideas, all totally possible throughout our home base here in Maine and throughout New England:

  • Day hike with a sunset shoot at the peak

  • Exploring Acadia National Park

  • Sailboat session on the coast

  • Trekking through the woods for a riverside water session

  • Spending a sunset on the lake

  • Skiing or snowboarding at the mountain

  • Starry snowshoeing


If you’re interested in booking an adventure session with us, get in touch here. Or, if you’ve got an engagement session included in your package and you’re into the idea of upgrading to the adventure session, drop us an email and we’ll get you the details: magicarrowphotography@gmail.com

New to our blog? We’re happy you landed here. We’re Magic Arrow Photography and we’re Maine photographers capturing photos throughout New England. We specialize in photographing genuine moments and emotion, preserving your memories in frames for your future. We shoot weddings, elopements, family sessions, adventure and engagement sessions all across New England and throughout Maine. Want to learn more? Visit our homepage.


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